Group – Level Funding

Assured Health Plans provides a unique answer for smaller employers trying to save money on the cost of group health insurance designed for groups with 10-200 covered employees.


Today’s employers face the difficult challenge of trying to offer employees quality health benefits while at the same time keeping the cost of providing these programs from reducing the bottom line. With traditional health plans, employers pay fixed monthly premiums and the insurance company assumes all the risk. In doing so, the insurance company profits the most in those years when the employer’s claims costs were lower than expected.  For many employers with a stable benefit and financial history, there is an alternative: self-funding. Larger employers have historically established self funded plans that allow them to benefit when claim costs are favorable, but until now smaller employers haven’t had that option because of their size.

Assured Health Plans offers small employers a powerful alternative to traditional approaches that allows them to reap the benefits enjoyed by larger employers.

When you choose Assured Health Plans, you are provided with:

  • Competitive rates
  • Greater control over plan designs
  • Potential for improved cash flow
  • Detailed reports showing exactly where your benefit dollars are going
  • Employer never pays more than monthly cost
  • Unused claim fund is refunded to the employer
  • The predictability of a level monthly cost-there are no extra charges if there are high claims
  • An ERISA plan that is exempt from certain state-mandated benefits and some of the new Federal Affordable Care Act regulations

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